Prep Instructions

No one looks forward to having a colonoscopy or an endoscopy. But if your doctor has recommended one of these procedures, it’s important to do everything you can to prepare.

Preparing for Your Procedure

Having a colonoscopy or an endoscopy done is not easy and can seem overwhelming. We understand this, which is why our goal at Island Gastroenterology Consultants PC is to make sure you are as comfortable during your procedure on the day or anytime beforehand by offering flexible scheduling options, so it doesn’t disrupt your work schedule! Our physicians also use new formulations that provide better pain management, meaning patients can recover quickly after the procedure. 

All patients are required to provide rapid results prior to all procedures. Below are 2 options to fulfill the requirement:

    • Examples: Urgent Cares, Hospitals, Covid Rapid Testing Centers
    • 1 test required 24 hours prior to procedure
    • You must provide results with facility letterhead


    • 2 tests are required**
    • 1st test: 48 hours prior to procedure
    • 2nd test – 24 hours prior to procedure

You must take a photo of each negative rapid test with your photo id in the photo. Photo will have a time stamp.

All results can be emailed to Failure to follow protocol will result in cancellation of your procedure.